Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keep Pedaling

Commuting season is in full swing.  December and January did not have any riding days, but since February it has been about two days a week. 
So,I am riding my bike home from work, and a car pulls out into my lane.  Seriously, how can he miss me?  A visible jersey, a 250 LUM blinking front light, two flashing red lights on the back of my bike, and he still does not see me.
Luckily, I was alert and knew that there was not a car in the next lane and I swerved into that lane.  The car bumper was a foot away from me. 
It is funny the things that run through your head the moment after a car slams on their brakes to avoid hitting you. First, I was like thank God nothing happened to my bike. Then, thank God I do not have road rash or anything broken.  Lastly, thank God I can still see the mister tonight and celebrate his birthday.  Yes, in that order.
Then I went right to the blame game and wanted to blame my two riding partners for not riding with me.  We definitely would have been more visible if they were with me. Ultimately, it was neither my fault nor my riding partners.  I wish that drivers in San Antonio were more aware of bike riders.
The cars do not scare me and neither does road rash. I keep pedaling.

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  1. Your story gave me the shivers...stay alert and stay safe.