Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Years Later

No, my name is not Mary but I am going to wear her necklace to honor her and remember Mom. I wanted to do something special and different. The plan was to get a bouquet of helium balloons and release them on Friday, while in the cemetary. Did you know there is a shortage of helium all across the nation? How did this happen and who do I need to call to get some helium ballons for my mom? How long have children gone without birthday helium balloons and why wasn't I notified sooner? Sorry Mom, you will have to get a traditional bouquest of flowers this year.
Two years later I reflect back on the passing of my mother. My family has been blessed with so much good that I can only believe that it is Mom guiding us. Dad is married, my sister is engaged. Doesn't my family know that it is time for my glory day. It is hard to share the spot light when my family has so much going on.  
Either way, I know my mom is smiling down on us and I know that she would love Ricky. He is super smart and researches stuff on DNA while I practice Fergie's dance moves. Ricky does really important eye doctor things and I try to figure out when I can get yoga, running, bike riding, Bible study and piano practice in my scheudle. Oh, and somehow I have managed to read seventy-three books since Christmas of last year. I am happy that Ricky is as active as I am and enjoys riding a bike; but it stinks that he is faster. Our personalities compliment each other and we get along great as long as we do what the other says to do.
Life is happening and it is good.

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