Monday, October 15, 2012

Couch Potato

It was one of those nights where all I wanted to do was sit in front of the television and "borrow" the pain medicine that Roxy refused to take. The recent cooler weather left me driving myself to work and not riding my bike. No miles make me sluggish.
First, I put on some long johns and snuggled up in some blankets. Then I proceeded to watch a weeks worth of "Chelsey Lately" and five episodes of "Honey Boo Boo Child". After that I started to watch the most recent episode of "Saturday Night Live". Let's just say, I love TIVO and the hours of commercial free television I can watch. A few hours later, I decided that "60 Minutes" would have to wait for another night.
I really need to spend more time in the cold weather and less time in front of the television. It seems like over kill when I wear an under armor shirt, ear warmers, leg warmers and booty covers to protect me from the cold wind. Or better thinking, I could setup my bike in front of the television and stay inside.
In punishment for being a couch potato all night, I sent myself to bed without dinner.

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