Friday, February 10, 2012


Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where if you are in a relationship it is the happiest day ever and when you are not in a relationship, you are miserable. It is “Valentine’s Day” when you are in love and “V-Day” when you are heartbroken.

My eloquence has left something to be desired but it totally stinks to go through a break-up, a week before Valentine’s Day! It feels like the divorce diet of anxiety, loss of appetite, immersing myself into working-out, and drinking my calories. If there is a good point to all this, it is the thought of fitting in my skinny jeans again.

Oh, but do not fret my dear friends. BarbieandherBike will pick herself up and hope that he changes his mind or another valiant solider will ride with me off into the sunset. Until then, I do what I do and keep pedaling.

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  1. I was just thinking that Valentine's are like kids - when you have them, they are a nuisance, when you don't have them, you miss them terribly.