Sunday, February 19, 2012

Break-up Blues

It happened again and Barbie is single. I could wallow in my self pity or keep my eye on the prize and move on. Admittedly, it is hard to not sulk and I am not going to let myself go there. I remind myself that each time I meet someone; he is closer to Mister Right. I can not guard my heart and I must continue to put myself out there.

Seeking advice from friends and professionals, I came up with some tips on how to recover from a break-up. By no means is this the one-all-be-all but it is what I am going to try, for today.

1. Don’t run to alcohol, men, or drugs. They will not fix your problems. They may fix them temporary or mask the hurt temporarily. But, in the morning, you still have your problems.

2. Be honorable. Do not do something you will regret. Do not do something that you will be ashamed of or have to explain later.

3. Learn from mistakes and do not repeat them.

4. Start new. Rearrange your house. Do some spring cleaning. Throw away old memories. Maybe get a new hair style to help create a new image.

5. Keep busy with friends and family. Do not shut yourself out from the world.

6. Work-out to help with nervous energy. Be healthy. For me that is: pedal, pedal, pedal. Yoga, run and swim. Skinny jeans here I come!

7. Don’t let him bombard your brain. Deleted his contact information and delete him as a Facebook friend so you will not be tempted to call or message him.

Barbie and her bike are riddin’ on.

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  1. One of the best books that I read after a nasty break up was "In the Meantime" by Iyanla Vanzant. I read it and then 9 months later I met Mr. Right! I'm proud of you for keeping your chin up!