Monday, October 4, 2010

Moments That Make Memories

She says she is tired. Tired of fighting, yet she continues to battle the day. There are days that I fear she will not make it through the day, and then a week goes by, and she does.

I sit at on the end of her bed and she tells me she is afraid. I asked her why. All she can verbalize is that she is scared.

My father’s love for my mother has grown more intense these past two years. Mom does not want to leave Dad alone. She is afraid of what his life will be like without her. I assure her that my sister and I will make sure he is taken care of. My words, I fear, don’t give her much comfort.

These past few days, Mom tells me her dreams and she makes jokes. Some days she sleeps and others, she forces herself to stay awake while friends and family visit. Either way, I am glad I can be with her to share these moments and squeeze out any last memory she wants to make.

Dad has been going through old family albums. They seem as much in love today as they did the day of their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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  1. That's a fantastic picture, Barbie. Thanks for sharing.