Saturday, September 4, 2010

Washed Away

Slowly, my make-up is being washed away. It has been almost a week since Mom has been in the hospital and I have given up on putting mascara on. My tears wash it away.

For the past two years, Mom has lived with severe liver disease. Only 5% of her liver has been working. Her body is shutting down. We take her to the hospital only to find out that cancer has returned. It has spread to stage 4 and it’s all over her body.

My family has decided to place her in hospice care. For today, the doctors want to keep her in the hospital another few days so that an antibiotic IV drip can run its course.

She and I have special moments. I feed her while I eat my dinner and we talk. There are no regrets on my end. Every day, every moment has been to the fullest.

This morning at breakfast, there was a man wearing a "Topeka Kansas" t-shirt. I couldn't help but ask him if that is where he was from. He answered saying a friend bought it for him. I told him about my XC trip and riding through Kansas. We shared a conversation. As he left, he was thanking me for making his day.

It’s the small things that make people happy.

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  1. I pushed a few extra miles on my ride today thinking and praying for you and your Mom. She is so lucky to have you and your family closeby.