Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This may come as a surprise to you but it is true. I have been following this cute young boy here at work. Of course I have not gone totally crazy but he is enough to make this girl blush.

Let’s just say I may have adjusted my work out times slightly to end up in the gym at the same time. Yes, I may have opted to use the treadmill next to him and I had a really good workout that day.

Not to mention he wears muscle shirts instead of the t-shirts us other folk wear. I think I have caught myself staring at his biceps. Maybe not staring but looking for too long.

Maybe I looked up his profile to see where he sits and what his background is. It turns out we went to both the same universities for undergrad and graduate studies. How about that?

I might have looked him up on Facebook. And this is where I insert; he looks really good without a shirt on. Did I really just blog that? I think I even said that out loud. Now I really feel like Mrs. Jones.


  1. Oh...what's his name? I will very quietly and respectfully look him up on Facebook if it's okay with you. I gotta see these biceps.

  2. You're too young to be a "couger."

    It's a slippery slope, next thing you know, you'll find yourself hanging around junior high schools.

    Remember, older men are more caring and loving...not to mention grateful.