Friday, January 22, 2016

12 Months

My baby boy is now one year old. Nathaniel has a few words in his repertoire but his most used are "this" and "that" and he points.  

The things that melts my heart the most is when he crawls to the book shelf and brings me a book to read. I love that he smiles at hearing the story and claps when we get to the end.  As a reader, I love that I have passed this enjoyment on to him.

Of course the cutest thing Nate does is "ojitos y besitos" (cute eyes and kisses)where he blinks his eyes and blows kisses.

This past year I have learned that being a mother brings an explosion of love to my heart along with some not so glamours moments of getting peed on. Definitely the highs are more extreme than the lows so that the lows do not even seem to matter. 

This week I am 28 weeks pregnant with Bobbie, and start my third trimester.  At the forefront of my thoughts is: How am I going to get more sleep?  I must admit that I am exhausted from chasing around Nate and caring an extra belly around.  In fifteen months from now, I will be gushing with pride when my second little man turns one.

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