Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas and New Years 2014

Me and da mister had a pretty good Christmas and New Year’s.  We did the usual and celebrated with our families and da boyz. I tried really hard to stay up late, but only made it to 11:34 PM before the two beers I drank knocked me out.  It appears as if I have turned into a light weight and a cheap date. 

A new year has turned and things are stirring up with the new business.  We are excited about a proposition with the University of the Incarnate Word, the college that both da mister and I attended.  Da mister has even moved over his diplomas to make room for mine.  Our office is becoming slightly cozier in our shared space.

Since my move in September, I have joined two new gyms, I bike ride through Southwest Texas more frequently, I have been about to practice hot yoga once a week- overall I am back into my fitness routine. I am pretty happy these days.  How could I not be happy when my niece blows me kisses?

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