Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23: Music Month

This song is for all you salseros out there. Many a night, I have danced the night away with horns blaring this popular song.

“El Cantante” was remade by Marc Anthony and originally performed by salsa legend Hecor Lavoe. Attached is a link to the movie that Marc and J. Lo stared in, portraying Mr. Lavoe’s life.

El cantante (The Singer)
By: Marc Anthony

I have attached the lyrics translated in English but you may find the Spanish translation at the link below.

I am the singer
that you've come to listen to today
and I'm going to present to you
the best of my repertoire

And I sing to life
(I sing) of laughters and sorrows
of bad moments
and of good things

You've come to enjoy yourselves
and you paid an entrance fee
there's no time for sadness
let’s go singer, begin

They always stop me in the street
a lot of people who comment
hey Hector! oh, you've made it!
always with women and in parties

And nobody asks me
if I suffer, if i cry
if I have a sorrow
that hurts me deep inside

I am the singer
because my thing is to sing
and the public pays
to be able to listen to me

I am the singer
very popular everywhere
but once the show is over
I'm like any other human being

And I continue my life
with laughters and sorrows
with bitter moments
and with good things

I am the singer
and my business is to sing
and to those who follow me
I want to offer my song

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