Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hail Mary

It is a daily adventure to commute to work. There is always emotional excitement plus the physical workout with the nine mile commute in and the eleven mile commute home.

My favorite experience was when a dear friend blew me kisses out her car window and said have a good day, love. I have had flirty and scary hello’s; friendly beep, beeps; angry honk, honks; and the not so nice cut off and a flick of the middle finger.

There was the flat tire on the bike and the eighteen wheeler that had a blow out two lanes away from me; the getting stuck in the middle of a busy four lane road with heavy traffic trying to cross the final two lanes; and there was the balancing act of uneven pavement, do I ride into the curve or swing into the car coming up next to me.

Oh and then there is crossing Huebner road. For this route, I always say a Hail Mary and pray that the Stop Light gods will be generous. It is not ideal, but passing a red light and crossing four lanes of traffic before the rush is better than weaving through speeding cars.

This is my fourth year of commuting to work and I absolutely love it. I get excited about getting to work, I get excited about being at work and thrilled when I finally leave work to go outside and play. It is like I have not grown up and I still ride my bike everywhere I go. I dread the weather change and when it will be too cold for this Texas girl to brave the chill.

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