Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fly Away

She buzzed her way around the table and she could have landed anywhere. The water glass or fork would have been better place than the syrup bowl. The syrup stuck to her wings and she could not fly her way out.

For a moment I contemplated what to do. Too much pressure might hurt her. Gently, the knife was used to lift her up and place her on the banister. She began to drag her body on the wood leaving a pile of syrup in her path. She licked her body and fluttered her wings in an effort to remove the syrup. Hopefully, she would be light enough to fly again.

This poor little fly was covered in syrup and put herself into a sticky situation. I could relate for I have put myself in a similar situation many a time. You fall down; you lick yourself off, and then get back up again.

As much as I wanted to stay until she lifted away, I believe all stories should have a happy ending. Little Miss Fly cleaned off her wings and flew off into Paradise.

1 comment:

  1. After all that I hope she flew off to Paradise...If she flew any where near our house and my wife spotted her she would definitely be going to paradise but not the kind you were thinking of - that being said, cute story.