Friday, April 22, 2011

Knee Pain

You may have noticed that I have been under the radar with training. It’s because my knee is messed up and I have been riding through the pain. On the most recent 70 mile ride, my knee swelled and didn’t go away until today, 10 days later.

I have been poked, x-rayed, and massaged. The doctor has given me some anti-inflammatory meds that don’t seem to help. There is fluid in the back of my knee that has built up from a small leak. They are unable to identify where the leak is from and there is no place to drain the fluid because it is not significant enough or in an isolated area.

The more I ride the more likely the build-up of fluid will become. Doc says that I need to lay off riding to give my knee a chance to recover and I should consider some cross training to avoid the repetitive motion of the bike pedal.

Monday, I received a steroid shot. The shot hurt more than the knee pain. The shot is to see if this will help with the pain I feel when riding. Right now, I don’t want to even push it on the bike so that my knee can fully recover before going on tour. Saturday, I will attempt a 40 mile ride at the Hill country Easter ride. It may turn into 20 or less depending on how my knee feels.


  1. Sorry to hear of your knee issues, those are never good. This may be a long shot but have you thought of having a professional check out your fit on the bike. I know someone who had similar problems and they all cleared up when a top notch bike fitter checked him out and made the right adjustments...Hope you feel better.

  2. You have a strange idea of "laying off" the bike - a 40-miler in the Hill Country!

  3. Your leg looks fine; your shorts look like the pair that I borrowed from you. Need to return them.

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