Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Princess Barbie's Fairytale

Once up a time, in a far away land there was a Princess. Princess Barbie so longed to have a Prince in her castle. The Princess rode her two wheeled chariot across the country to find a suitable prince to ride beside her. She would not be fooled by shiny chariots, galiant stallions, or cunning personalities. There would have to be a special Prince Charming that would steal Princess Barbie’s heart.

Many days would pass but only a frog would befriend Princess Barbie. The frog would spend countless hours at the steps of the castle with hopes that he could hop in at the first sight of dawn. During those long hours at night, the frog would send the Princess messages in hopes that his croaks would let the Princess know how much he loved her.

In the morning, the frog made his way into the castle and sat outside Princess Barbie’s room. When she opened her door, the frog asked if he could join her on her jaunt across the land. Feeling a bit lonely, Princess Barbie agreed to the frogs’ company.

Not knowing the secrets of the frog, Princess Barbie was being tested. Only the finest of Princesses would suite as a companion for the frog.

The frog would give the Princess choice grapes to snack on, only to test her pallet. During the night, the frog would place a pillow before Princess Barbie along with a single pea amongst the pillow feathers. This was to test Princess Barbie to see if she would identify the bump while she was sleeping. When Princess Barbie would have a restless night because of the pea, then and only then would the frog know that Princess Barbie was a suitable Princess.

Moons passed and the frog began to fall in with Princess Barbie. The frog would sit at the pond croaking his love for the Princess only wishing he could tell Princess Barbie that a kiss would make him into her Prince Charming.

The frog sent the Princess finest garments made of silk linens and precious medals to be worn as a token of love. But, Princess Barbie could not see spending her life with a frog in her castle. The days rotated and the more time Princess Barbie and the frog spent on the country side the more Princess Barbie started to love the frog.

The frog only had until midnight for his spell to be broken. While eating dinner, Princess Barbie sat close to the frog. They leaned in toward each other for a kiss. Acting on love and luck, at the touch of their lips, the frog turned into Prince Charming. It was at that moment that Princess Barbie found her Prince and they lived happily ever after.

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