Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It has been one week with no television. So far, I have not missed it one bit. Sure I wonder who Brad proposed to and I wonder what funny shenanigans “Modern Family” is up to but, it can wait. I really want to know what is going on with Jersey Shore. I can probably look back at my life when I was twenty-one and get a sense of their drama.

The news focuses on the negative in the world and I am missing all the video clips and updates of the tsunami in Japan. Well, I guess I am not really missing it because I never saw it in the first place.

Without television, I have been keeping myself busy. More bike training and more recovery time. More sitting outside watching Roxy chase birds. More talking on the phone and dinner with friends. And all those things that I needed to do, well, they are almost all done. I have more time on my hands to do productive things with my time. I am liking this.


  1. Does watching on the web count as watching TV ?

  2. That counts! I feel like I am under a rock without any news updates.

  3. No problem giving up Jersey Shore, CSI etc...but to give up 'March Madness' No way!