Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Dam '09

This being my first triathlon, I am totally pleased with my performance. Many organized rides under my belt kept my nerves in check and I was surprisingly calm before I entered the pool. My unofficial time, thanks to Robert's stop watch on his blackberry, has me at 1:09.

The swim was easier then I expected and I kept a steady pace. Without sucking in a bunch of water, I passed a few swimmers. Thankfully, there was a nice man to lend me a hand out of the pool because it was hard to find the step, remove my cap and gargles, and then head to the transition spot. I don’t have my offical time, as of yet, on my swim. I am guessing it is around 10 minutes or so with a distance of 400 meters.

The bike, now that’s my sport. I expected to get my breath and slow my heart rate down on the decants, but that never happened. I was having fun and wanted to keep pedaling. There is a climb that is 4-7% grade but I used my gears to get my over the bumps. Pedal on the turns and breathe, that’s what I kept telling myself. Time: 30:21 with an average speed of 17.1 for a 10 mile loop of about 3 miles for each loop.

Running is not my sport and thought that with my slow pace, I would catch my breath. Here again, that never happened. But, I kept running, smiling and having a good time. Time: 25:52 for a 2.5 mile run.

The adrenaline kept me moving and all the training paid off. Crossing the finish line felt GREAT! I was too excited that I didn't notice my heart pounding out of my chest, I felt dizzy, and quickly sat on the ground. It took me about 30 minutes to fully recover and get my heart rate back to normal. Don't let the beer and banana fool you, I felt like crap in this picture.

Thanks to Kim who took awesome pictures for me!


  1. Great job, especially passing people on the swim. It sounds like so much fun, but I remember how much work goes into doing your best in each event.

  2. Congrats on completing the tri. I would still be doing them if I could run but I just get injured after a few weeks of running. Any other big goals before completing the XC?