Monday, December 14, 2009


Governor Mark Sanford had an on going affair for some time. He did not tell his wife he was leaving town. If he told his staff, he told them he was out on political business, or at least that is what the staff told his wife when she called looking for him.

According to, they state, “the events surrounding Sanford's extramarital affair involving an Argentine woman did not rise to a high enough level to warrant his removal from office prior to the end of his second and final term in January 2011.”

Let me get this straight. The former president can stick a cigar in Monica’s ho ha and not have sexual relations with “that women”, yet the former President has to go through an impeachment trial and does not get impeached.

Our society is so used to these public figures having affairs that it is accepted and the norm to permit these behaviors.

Now there is Tiger. He does not have an office seat to defend but he definitely has to rebuild his character and honor.

Where has our society gone? What happened to being loyal and loving to your spouse? It seems the norm for people, not just people in the popular eye, but my friends and those close to me, to have affairs. This subject hits too close to home. My Christmas wish is to honor the love we have for each other especially our loved ones.


  1. We live in a disposable society. All things can be thrown away, one of those being relationships.

  2. Barbie - check out and search for Jenny Sanford...great article, the bottom line being "to thine own self be true"