Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Kid

It is what all parents think.  This I know to be true.  I have the cutest kid ever.

This week I am 37 weeks pregnant and my one-on-one time with Nathaniel is slowly diminishing. This morning I woke up at 5:30 AM so I could drink my morning coffee, wake up, and be alert for when Nate woke up. 

It is harder these days to bend over and walk with him because my baby bump is in the way.  It is more challenging to chase him around at the park and even pick him up and carry him all day.  My secret is to take a nap when he naps so that I can feel more rested.  With sleep, anything is more possible. 

I have given up on lunch dates and play dates so I can save my energy for Nate and evening with da boyz. As I get older, or should I say wiser, I am learning my limits and keeping things in perspective with what is important.  My friends, if they are truly friends, will understand.

So for now, I must run.  My baby is pulling my heart stings.  I want to hug and kiss him and give him all my love. 

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