Friday, August 5, 2011

On-line Dating, Part II

It has been four months and the on-line dating account is still active. Needless to say, the experience has been not so harmonious. I have definitely had flops and my share of mistakes. To include not taking the time to type a decent e-mail response and getting two guys confused.

The most difficult task for me has been to filter out people I would start communicating with and those that I choose to archive and close. I have been matched up with approximately 300 available bachelors from Texas to Oklahoma and Louisiana.

At first, I went with the shot gun approach. I went out with anyone and everyone that asked and went anywhere from coffee to fine dining. By doing this, I have definitely learned what I do not like and definitely need.

My advice to anyone starting an on-line dating profile is to be honest. Post recent pictures and be true to your height. For example, if you are bald do not post only pictures wearing a hat. And really, I don’t care about how big that fish was you caught on your last fishing trip and it makes no different to me about how many points your last hunting trip brought you. Group pictures aren’t a good display either because there is no way to know which person you are, and pictures with other ladies are not a good idea because of the obvious- you are looking for a new one.

Chemistry, magic, and love are not factored into the picture until you meet in person. For me, I know right away if I like you. My account will expire at the end of this month and I may still be looking for Mr. Right. Overall, I have learned to be open minded and always be willing to meet someone new. I have learned to stay true to me and above all to never give up on love.


  1. And I thought you were sitting at home twiddling your thumbs.

  2. Now I know why you have not been blogging of late.