Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr. Right

It happened to me. In the age of technology, someone broke up with me via text message (he says it’s a mobile message). Not that we were even together to be broken up but the context of this message should have been in person or over the phone.

My first response was REALLY? My second response was I think I should be hurt. Then I realized that I wasn’t too invested to be that devastated.

The third response was to post his message on my blog so that we could all get a good laugh. Yes, I can’t get over the humor of a break up with a text message. As much as I wanted to put a smile on your face it will not be at the expense of someones feelings.

Today, I have to reflect on the words that I told my niece three days ago. Mr. Right will come around. We just have to be patient, that’s all.

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