Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All The Single Ladies...

Put your hands up!

You may have noticed that my single stories have stopped. At first, it seemed fun being single again. Nights of dancing all night and returning to self has been fulfilling. But, after a few dates, I am ready to put up the white flag. Training at 5AM is wearing me out and it seems like there is little time for anything else.

It has been three months since the ball and chain detached from me. Not knowing how or why, sadness hit me over the weekend. Three months of no contact, not text messages, no e-mails, and no phone calls. The break-up was like a band-aid that we pulled off quickly. We pulled it off and never looked back.

Aside from the freedom that single life brings there is also an emptiness that exists. I may not ever find another dance partner but I know that a partner for me is out there.

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