Friday, July 21, 2017

Small Changes

Since March, I have made small changes in my diet and my workouts.  I wanted to share with you a tip a day for the next week, starting Monday, because these small daily changes compounded over time will make a BIG change in your life.

For example, take this AB challenge.  If you had participated in this AB challenge you would have spent approximately three minutes of your day doing about 100 AB exercises.  Pretty simple, just three minutes a day.  In fact, it is also simple to NOT do. If you had followed the guide, you would have completed 2,365 AB exercises in 30 days. 100 sit-ups is not that hard to do but they are also easy to NOT do.

When you commit to making small changes to your daily health and fitness routine, over time, you will you will see the compounded results. 

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